jan_photoJan Cerny

Nothing means more to me than seeing clients invest money wisely and successfully. I believe in empowerment of investors and see my role in private investment industry as an educator and enabler. I spent more than 20 years at the  University of Calgary as IT specialist but left from senior management position to take an opportunity in investment industry. While I traded stocks,options and currencies for many years,  my love was always in private investments.

As a successful immigrant to Canada, supported by great family, I have a unique perspective to bring to my clients. I still have strong business connections and continue to travel frequently to Europe. But my home is in Canadian Rockies where I can enjoy nature. I am very happy and honored to work with Triview Capital Partners – where my experience and skills match firm’s expertise and diligence.

During my career I worked as a top programmer for weather forecasting service in Czech Republic, was part of senior IT management in one of Canada’s premier post-secondary institutions – University of Calgary and I still actively invest. While I hold a Masters Degree in Engineering, I believe that my knowledge, intelligence and honesty are more valuable attributes that will have impact on your investments.

Although I like to work hard, I also like to play hard. From a whitewater canoe instructor, a rock climber, an orienteering runner I morphed into an avid golfer!  I love winter sports, I still enjoy making fresh tracks in powder,  improving my gate turns at Banff Norquay Rut Runners or keep my heart rate high at the Canmore Nordic Centre . Currently living in the beautiful mountain playground of Canmore with my wife, family time is very important to us and we enjoy regular visits from our five children and extended family.

louisegreenLouise Green

What I enjoy most as a private equity specialist is the opportunity to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to invest shrewdly, sensibly and sucessfully. When I was introduced to the Exempt Market, and the potential it presented, several years ago, I could not understand why I had not heard more about it, and why more people were not involved. I am passionate about sharing our successes and working together on your financial goals.

Previously, as a senior technical manager for a global construction company I have 20 years + experience managing projects in the Quality Department. I provided leadership for the national laboratory with a staff of 45. During that time I designed and implemented a national complaints database, developed the first company Intranet Quality System, and completed a national project to centralize the 20 plus satellite laboratories.

I hold Diplomas in Business Management & Systems Analysis, Personal Coaching and Commercial Applications Programming. As an immigrant to Canada from the UK, with many years experience in a business environment, I believe I have characteristics, such as, tenacity, determination, and meticulousness that are key to successful money management and taking good care of our clients.

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of Jan’s team, and I particularly like the way he takes the time to assess every clients individual circumstances and suggests investment strategies to provide an optimum return, for funds you have available, your time horizon and the financial goals of you and your family.

 Why should You work with us….

Louise: “Honestly , Jan does not need to work so hard any more. He has a nice house, a happy life with his family, he can afford to travel and is secure for the rest of his life. Yet his passion is still about helping others to become successful, secure and financially independent.” Jan: “You will be hard pressed to find anybody as devoted as Louise. Well being of her investors is her first priority. She is meticulous, conscientious. We make a great team!” As a successful investor you should only consider using a team that:

  1. has all members licensed Exempt Market Dealer Representatives registered with relevant regulatory agency (we are registered with  Alberta Security Commission and the National Exempt Market Association).
  2. is experienced and whose members know their product, matches investments to your requirements and is readily available to discuss with your needs.  We are very picky with our choices. We devote a lot of time to studying and researching investment opportunities.
  3. is  knowledgeable about the macroeconomic situation, as this can have a large impact on your investments.

What makes us Different…

  1. We always put our own money first, and because our money is involved, we always do our own due diligence first. We are looking for good value and favorable risk/return ratios, that will benefit us all. We NEVER recommend anything unless we first invest ourselves. Period.

  2. We treat all our clients the same, no matter what your net worth is and whether they are friends, relatives or new clients.

  3. TriView_Logo_Colour_NEWWe work with a very professional, competent and successful Exempt Market Dealership Triview Capital Ltd. where there is freedom to create the very best portfolio for you. Triview carries out extensive due diligence and relies on personal relationships with issuers of the products.